Civil Litigation

Civil litigation cases are lawsuits that do not entail criminal charges. Such cases arise out of disputes between people, businesses, or other entities, including government agencies.

If you or your company has been sued, or if you are considering filing a lawsuit, you need an experienced lawyer who you can trust to aggressively fight for the best possible outcome. 

As an experienced litigator, I provide broad and deep expertise representing individuals and businesses in civil lawsuits on both sides of the aisle. Over the years, I have defended physicians, hospitals, and practice groups against medical malpractice actions, have pursued construction company claims in contract disputes, and have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases. Former clients also include Fortune 500 companies, hospitality corporations, and quasi-governmental agencies

I can provide you or your company with strong representation in the following areas:

• Medical Malpractice (representing medical professionals and entities only)

• Shareholder Rights and Corporate “Freeze-out” Cases

• Products Liability

• Construction and Contract Disputes

• Property and Boundary Disputes

• Employment and Wrongful Termination

• Civil Rights

• Administrative and Governmental Matters

• Premises Liability

• Personal Injury

Being involved in a lawsuit can be stressful. I will educate you about the issues, provide sound advice, and prepare you for each step of the process. And, I am always just a phone call away. Please contact me to schedule a complementary consultation.